Your New Fat-Torching Routine: A Five-Move Total-Body Workout

Kettlebell Swings — Russian and American Method

The Benefit: This is one of trainer Joselynne Boschen’s favorite total-body exercises. The explosive movement targets the back and glutes, but swinging the kettlebell will tax your shoulders and arms, too. Plus, it’s a dynamic move — there’s really no resting spot, so you’ll feel your heart rate rising by the fifth or six rep.

How to Do It: With your hips shoulder-width apart, use both hands to grasp a kettlebell by its handle. Start by holding the kettlebell down in front of your hips. Sit back into a slight squat, keeping your back straight. Let the kettlebell sweep between your legs. With an explosive movement, push your hips out of the squat, using the power of your legs to bring the kettlebell forward and up. Stop when the kettlebell is at chest height, then lower it down and begin the semi-squat portion again.