Your New Fat-Torching Routine: A Five-Move Total-Body Workout

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Suspended High Plank With Rotation

The Benefit: Having your feet elevated by a suspension system (Herriott uses the Redcord suspension system, but a TRX setup will work, too) puts more weight on your hands, chest, and arms, forcing them to work to support you. The instability factor is huge, too — every muscle in your abdomen will be screaming for relief, says Harriott.

How to Do It: Start in a push-up position with your feet secured in the cradles of your favorite suspension system. Swing your feet out to the right, bringing your knees to your right elbow. Return to the center then swing to the left. To make the exercise even harder, lift your right arm as you swing to the right and your left arm as you swing left. 

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