Your New Fat-Torching Routine: A Five-Move Total-Body Workout

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Turkish Getup

The Benefit: It’s a great core workout, but really every single muscle in your body has to help as you peel yourself off the floor and finish in a standing position. If you’re looking for all-over fitness, this move is one to add to your list.

How to Do It: This one is complicated, so take it slow. Start by lying flat on your back holding a kettlebell in your right hand. Bring the kettlebell up so it’s directly over your chest and your arm is straight. Bend your right knee so your foot is flat on the floor.

Roll slightly to the left, and using your left arm for support, begin bringing your upper body off the ground. Your right arm should stay extended overhead. Keep your eyes on the kettlebell, which will keep your chest open.

Next, push your hips up and off the ground, so they are in line with your torso. Swing your left leg underneath your body, sliding it behind you so you can come onto your left knee. Keep your torso straight and your eyes on the kettlebell as you move into a kneeling position. From here, use your back leg to push you up and into a standing position.

To get back down, step your left leg back into a lunge position, dropping your left knee onto the ground.

Reach back with your left arm and place it palm down on the ground. Keeping your right arm extended out, push your hips off the ground. This will allow you to swing your left leg back in front of you. Lower down onto that left hip, then slowly lower your upper body down to the ground until you end up in your starting position.

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