Ursa Major Men's Essential Face Wipes

There are four solid reasons for any guy to consider adding an individually wrapped face wipe to his arsenal of good-to-have-around personal grooming items.

First, as face-reset button at work, especially in these grimy, humidity-filled dog days of summer. Having a few stashed in your desk gives you a quick 1-2-3 out from sweaty, greasy, oily, shiny, and possibly crusty midday veneer, much better than splashing bathroom sink water on your face (and tie and shirt and pants).

Second, as a part of your carry-on bag's airplane survival kit; you should intuitively understand the joy of wiping your neighbor's coughs, sneezes, and farts off your face.

On a similar note, when you're rushing out of the gym to important meetings, you'll find that a healthy swipe of this face wipe is the next best thing to a shower.

Last, the fibers of one single face wipe have the ability to completely transform your overall comfort level on camping trips, especially when water is not readily available.

And now, the denouement of our story on Ursa Major Men's Essential Face Wipes. The brand, known for its well-made line of all-natural men's skin-care products, has just gambled that you'll shell out some dough for its box of 20 individually wrapped face wipes, and we think it has made a good call. They're made from bamboo fiber and infused with Ursa Major's popular 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic; and they contain ingredients like aloe-leaf juice, witch hazel, willow bark, rosemary, lemon extract, and green-tea leaf. The mixture works to clean without stripping, remove dead skin cells, shrink pores, and hydrate, all while leaving you with a nicely put-together, matte complexion. The natural formula makes it safe for sensitive skin and, well, the "face" wipe can't read, so if you really need to go there, it can deal with all kinds of stink. [$24 for 20 wipes; ursamajormen.com]