Every Man Jack Deodorant

Every Man Jack Deodorant

It used to be that the only way to deal with underarm rashes was to buy expensive or artisanal deodorants. This was because all the regularly priced drugstore brands were made using chemicals or alcohol, both of which are culprits in causing said area to become inflamed. For a while, all-natural crystal deodorants made of mineral salts tried to stop the problem, but while they didn't cause rashes, they also didn't stop you from smelling.

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The trend is finally shifting in favor of guys who don't want to smell like a sandwich, get rashes, or clog their pores with questionable chemicals. The latest to the game is Every Man Jack, an upstart men's personal grooming brand that makes all-natural products at prices that won't make your eyes pop an unnatural distance away from your face. It's been selling at mass market outlets like Target and Walgreens, but the company has also just teamed up for an exclusive line of products at Whole Foods, including a new sensitive-skin deodorant that kills odors.

That matters because Whole Foods applies strict standards, using third-party testers to ensure that the creams and lotions it sells are, indeed, as natural and organic as the makers claim. None of the products on its shelves are allowed to use synthetic or even harsh natural preservatives, not to mention chemical foaming agents like sodium laurel sulfate. They also cannot have fake fragrances.

Every Man Jack has been a mostly all-natural brand from the get-go, but the company wanted to take its commitment to the next level. "We wanted our customers to know we really care about the quality of our product, so we released this Sandalwood line, which meets the latest Whole Foods 'premium standards,' using more natural and organic ingredients than ever before," Rich Viola, founder of Every Man Jack, tells Men's Journal. To absorb the stink in the new deodorant, Every Man Jack has employed cottonseed extract, a natural and nonirritating absorbent, as well as lichen extract, an all-natural antiseptic to destroy bacteria-causing odor.

We've found it to work well at being gentle and keeping strange smells at bay, with the added bonus of a pleasant sandalwood scent. It's a bold move because products priced at this level usually go cheap and use a chemically formulated scent. Not so here, Every Man Jack makes its deodorants naturally, with an essential oil. [$7.49 for 3 ounces at Whole Foods; for a list of stores selling the rest of the Every Man Jack line, go to everymanjack.com]