Precision Barbers Burly 3N1
Credit: Photograph by Michael Pirrocco

Precision Barbers Burly 3N1

There's no shortage of products that promise to tame unruly beard hair, but a recent find has earned a place in our medicine cabinet. As devotees of low-maintenance solutions – that's one reason we grew a beard, after all – we were instantly drawn to Burly 3N1, an all-natural beard softener that's also a top-notch face wash and shave gel (thus, 3 in 1).

Created by Precision Barbers, a small, Miami-based barber shop, Burly 3N1 was tailor-made for grooming-averse men. "We created Burly 3N1 because men hate products," says Precision Barbers's Pandwe Gibson. The result is a multiuse product that takes some of the tedium from our daily regimen.

3N1 contains a small amount of rose seed oil-infused keratin, which adds a healthy luster to your facial hair and softens bristles over time. Rose seed oil is also a natural astringent and so does double duty, keeping the skin under your scruff clean. Finally, moisturizing agents such as seaweed extract, vegetable glycerin, and olive oil castile soap help soften the skin and your beard hair to make trimming and shaving smoother.

Unlike traditional beard softeners, Burly 3N1 should be used like a wash, meaning lather it on with some water and then rinse off after about 30 seconds to a minute. And when grooming your pride and joy (or perhaps your loved one is growing tired of it), use 3N1 just as you would a regular shave gel: Lather it up, shave, rinse, and stow it away until you grow your beard again (next week). [$38 for 4 oz;]