The Vet and Home Remedies
Credit: Sigrid Gombert / Getty Images

The Vet and Home Remedies

If you are adopting from a local shelter the dogs will be up to date on all vaccinations. Check to see if they are micro-chipped, if not a local vet can put one in for a nominal fee. Chips are important on the off chance that you lose your dog while at the dog park or out on a walk. Below is a list of home remedies/maladies that may work for your dog and can cut down on the overall cost of owning a pet.

  • Honey - helps with allergies (put in their food)
  • Pumpkin - helps upset stomachs (put in their food)
  • Hydrogen peroxide - helps to induce vomiting if they get a hold of something from the list above 
  • Pedialyte - helps with dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea
  • 1 part dye free dish soap/1 part white distilled vinegar - helps with fleas (apply like a shampoo)
  • Chamomile tea - helps with minor skin irritations (apply a cooled tea bag to the affected area)
  • Bengay - helps stop a dog from destroying chair legs or molding (apply Bengay to the spot the dog is chewing)
  • Bag Balm - helps minor cuts
  • Vitamin E - promotes healthy skin
  • Carrots - helps clean teeth and freshen breath