Will Artley

Will Artley

Will Artley

Original weight: 326 pounds

Current weight: 261 pounds

Total loss: 65 pounds, 19.9 percent body weight loss

Will Artley, executive chef at Pizzeria Orso in Falls Church, Virginia, was a world-traveling military brat, exposed to a wide range of cuisines from an early age. Before taking over at Pizzeria Orso, Artley went to Los Angeles to study under Peppe Miele to receive his certification in baking authentic Neapolitan pizzas. In February, 2008, Artley was selected as one of eight chefs to participate in the White House Guest Chef Program, where he prepared a coursed luncheon for 80 cabinet members and commissioned officers. 

His strategy: Life balance.

"It's an overall lifestyle change and a better balance of life. I've only eliminated processed foods. My workout dictates what I'm going to eat."

His vice: Diet is a four-letter word.

"I don't believe in any word that [includes] the word "die.""

His health food: Juice.

"I do a ton of juicing. Didn't think I would ever say that, but I crave it now."