Blake Shelton profile
Credit: Photograph by Mark Seliger
A few days later, Shelton is backstage at the show, wearing a baseball cap and drinking green juice. He'd been back in Oklahoma all weekend working on the benefit. Underwood wasn't coming ("When I read she donated a million dollars, I was like, well, that's her part"), and neither were Toby Keith or Garth Brooks, but he'd lined up Reba McEntire and Vince Gill, and he had a ringer in Lambert. (When the show aired live two days later, it raised more than $6 million.)

But mostly, Shelton spent the weekend driving around the property, spraying his garden with weed killer and planting alfalfa. "It's still too wet to plant, really," he says. "But alfalfa's just little tiny seeds, so you can plant it and hope it don't wash away." He says he's never been too good at planting. "I'm better at soybeans, squash, corn – stuff you can't really fuck up." He's hoping to get some sorghum in by the end of the year, and a bunch of watermelons, "just 'cause they're fun to plant. I read about how you're supposed to plant them," he says. "These fucking mounds. But that's too complicated. I just plow the ground and sling the seeds out there, and about half of them come up." He nods, satisfied. "I can live with that."