Credit: Shauna Bittle / Chicago Tribune / Landov

In August, the famously demanding chef Charlie Trotter will close his namesake restaurant and retire after 30 years in the kitchen. Before he retired, Trotter shared with 'Men's Journal' what he's learned from two-and-a-half decades running Chicago's legendary restaurant – the secrets of being a demanding boss (he compares himself to Michael Jordan), what his father taught him about working for yourself, and the one thing every man should taste at least once. Below are three choice quotes from the article.

On raising his voice at work:
"At work, I raise my voice all the time. Not out of malice but to get things right. It's never personal. It's to raise the game, kind of like Michael Jordan would: He'd play harder against the rookies. It wasn't personal – it was to raise the game."

On the best piece of advice he's ever received:
"When I was 13 [my father] said , 'Whatever you want to do in life, that's great. But you'll never be able to work for your old man because you'll never be satisfied. The best way to achieve any kind of fulfillment is to be your own boss.'"

The one thing every man should taste?
"1900 Chateau Margaux. If the Earth was going to blow up tonight, it's the last thing I would want to taste."

For the rest of 'The Last Word: Charlie Trotter,' go to page 146 in the September 2012 issue of Men's Journal.