The Straight Man
Credit: Photograph by Jake Chessum
It's happy hour now, and Sudeikis still doesn't have anything to do, so we make our way to a nearby bar. The bartender, a cute brunette in a tight black tank top who, up to that point, had been watching Dr. Phil alone, either recognizes him or is just feeling flirty because she starts making eyes at him before he's even had time to order his Lagunitas. "Where've you been?" she coos. "I've been sitting here all day."

"We didn't know!" Sudeikis plays along gamely. "Had we known . . ." "I'm kind of insulted," she cuts him off, then adds, "I'm just joking." "I know," he smiles. "I'm joking too."

Chalk it up to his down-home good looks or his funnyman charm, but Sudeikis is really a stealth ladies' man. For the past eight months, he's been dating Wilde, best known as the hot bisexual doctor on House and the hot bisexual bartender on The O.C. For six months before that, he dated Mad Men star January Jones – he was even suspected of being her baby daddy, though he's since been cleared – and he's also been linked variously to Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson, and Eva Mendes. Those last three are all tabloid inventions, but nevertheless, he seems to be, how to put this diplomatically . . . punching above his weight.

"I actually just learned that term recently," Sudeikis laughs.

Oh, really? In what context?

"Someone else said it about me."

Sudeikis brings this kind of likable self-effacement to most parts of his life. He knows his career hasn't caught fire quite yet; when he hosted the MTV Movie Awards last summer, he jokingly described Hall Pass as "the highest-grossing movie in America on February 26 from 1 to 4 pm." But now things seem to be picking up. This summer, he and Aniston will team up for a movie called We're the Millers, in which he plays a pot dealer who hires a prostitute to pose as his wife in order to smuggle 2,000 pounds of marijuana across the border. (And Aniston plays the prostitute? "Well," Sudeikis muses, "she might be a stripper.") He also has a bit part in an upcoming ensemble comedy called Movie 43, in which he plays a dickish-sounding Batman who cock-blocks Robin at a speed-dating event, which alone sounds worth $9.50.

Right now, he's looking forward to enjoying the little things, like the vacation to Jamaica he has planned or having friends over to drink Scotch and play board games without worrying about his segment on "Weekend Update." Heck, he might even get to play a little basketball. He and Wilde played the other day on some courts near his apartment, where they challenged a couple of kids to some two-on-two. "Oh, we won," Sudeikis says. "I shot really well – at one point, the kid said, 'You shot 75 percent!' " Sudeikis smiles and gives his own little Jordan shrug. "When it rains, it pours."