The Top 11 Ski Movies of All Time
Credit: "Downhill Racer" Courtesy Everett

Swift. Silent. Deep.
The Jackson Hole Airforce, a legendary group of renegade skiers who made a name for themselves by ducking boundary ropes at Jackson Hole in pursuit of untracked powder and big cliffs, were a rough and rowdy group. Their story, perfectly captured in this documentary, is one of the key pieces of modern ski culture and history.

Better Off Dead

This 1985 cult flick about teen-angst is set amongst the backdrop of skiing filmed in Utah's Big and Little Cottonwood canyons. Cusack plays a guy who gets dumped by his girlfriend for the captain of the ski team, contemplates suicide, and then decides to challenge his rival to a  ski race. His advice: "Just go straight and if anything gets in your way, turn!"

The story of Shane McConkey'sincredible life and untimely, tragic death is all caught in this documentary. Simply put, Shane McConkey changed skiing forever and for the better. While starring in 26 ski movies, including groundbreaking films like YearbookSteepHigher Ground, and Sick Sense, McConkey pioneered innovations in equipment like rocker, and reverse camber skis, coined the now pervasive term "Freeskiing," and demonstrated time and time again just how much fun skiing can be. Never one to take himself too seriously, he once mounted a pair of water-skis with bindings and skied a steep Alaskan peak on them to prove his point that deep powder is more like water than snow. McConkey is about far more than just skiing – it's about why athletes risk their lives, and the terrible price they pay when they push the limits too far.

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