The Top 11 Ski Movies of All Time
Credit: "Downhill Racer" Courtesy Everett

The Performers
In 1972, ski film pioneer Dick Barrymore loaded up a Red, White and Blue Winnebago RV in Sun Valley, Idaho with five of the hottest freestyle skiers sponsored by K2 and hit the road. Like a skiing version of the merry pranksters, The Performers introduced hot-dogging and innovative freestyle skiing to an entire generation.

Apocalypse Snow

Chances are you've never heard of this three part French film made in the early eighties. Set in some sort of alternate universe/future it features a marauding, militaristic band of mono-skiers chasing a neon clad snowboarder as they shush through pristine powder, down steep chutes and over cliffs. Blurring the lines between ski movie and film-noir, our snowboarding hero escapes the evil mono-skiers with help from hang-gliders, helicopters and a star-trek inspired transporter. The footage of early snowboarding and mono-skiing alone are worth watching, but the original score, fuzzy plot line (it probably would have helped if we spoke French) and overall bizarreness make it a must see.