Tom Brokaw Interviews Lance Armstrong
Credit: Getty Images
But aren't you a little stunned about how big the dollars are sometimes?
Yeah. We just did a new deal, and it was–

A lot.
Yeah, and I'm retired.

You know how much Arnold Palmer makes a year?


Do you think at all about where you want to be when you're 54?
Ugh. No. Hopefully alive. In 20 years my kids will be out of college. I don't think about those things.

Do you ever imagine going back and doing a triathlon?
Yeah. For sure. I would actually be more inclined to do an Xterra, an off-road triathlon. That's with a mountain-bike course and a trail run.

Are you tempted by the Ironman?

You've been there, done that, and...
No, I mean I'm too busy to train. They asked me, on a competitive level, "Do you want to go back and win the Ironman?" [Laughs] I'm like, "Wait a minute." I mean, people forget that I'm an old guy for these sports. I mean for cycling. Last year I was the oldest guy to win the Tour in more than half a century.

Do you want your kids to be pro athletes?
Uh, well, with two daughters... I mean, they wouldn't talk about being an athlete. But my son now wants to win the Tour de France.

Well, gene pool counts.

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