7 Times the Wrong Man Won the Masters

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The Year: 1979
Augusta National / Getty Images6/7

The Year: 1979

The Winner: Fuzzy Zoeller

Should Have Won: Tom Watson/Anybody Else

Zoeller was a pretty good player who won ten times on tour and also won a US Open. In 1979 he beat Tom Watson in a playoff to win the Masters, which is too bad, because he tends to keep turning up. By 1997, he was eleven years removed from his last tour victory, but still felt the need to arrive at Augusta and regale the world with some unbelievably shitty racist "jokes" on the occasion of Tiger Woods' first Masters victory. Like the one about how he hoped Tiger didn't serve fried chicken and collard greens at the Champion's dinner. OR WHEN HE SAID "THAT LITTLE BOY IS DRIVING WELL AND HE'S PUTTING WELL." Hilarious. What a fucking bag of dicks this guy is. Take his jacket away, he's not worthy of it.

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