7 Times the Wrong Man Won the Masters

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The Year: 2007
Sam Greenwood / Getty Images2/7

The Year: 2007

The Winner: Zach Johnson

Should Have Won: Tiger Woods

Zach Johnson has turned out to be a very good player, and ultimately backed up this victory with a gutty triumph at the 2015 British Open, but his Masters win in 2007 was very irritating. And by irritating, I mean unacceptable. On a bitter, windswept Easter Sunday at Augusta National, Johnson used a couple of remarkably fortunate bounces to post a +1 final score, holding off Tiger Woods by two. It was the kind of conditions that level the playing field and ameliorate the inherent advantages of the best players, leaving the door open for someone unexpected to seize Masters glory. That's what Johnson did, but he did not think of it as a randomized occurrence. Per his post-round interview: "I had some people looking after me today. Being Easter, my faith is very important to me. I felt Jesus." Now, make no mistake: I take no issue with anyone's cosmology, as I would expect others to be tolerant of my own. However, JESUS DID NOT COMPEL ZACH JOHNSON'S CHIP TO WITHIN TWO INCHES OF THE CUP ON 18. Zach: A bunch of stuff happened. It worked out. Let's leave the J-man out of this.

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