Death, Deflategate, and a Cubs World Series: 2016 in Sports

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College Football
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College Football

By this point Nick Saban feels like such a mineral element of the sports world that it can become easy to overlook the astounding breadth of his achievements. Since taking over at the University of Alabama in 2007, Saban has won four national championships and approaches the playoffs this season a heavy favorite to bank a fifth. Add to that a previous national championship at LSU in 2003 and you are talking about quite possibly the greatest college football coach in history. Saban, who is rumored to have been assembled in the same factory as his mentor Bill Belichick, is 65 but shows no apparent signs of aging, either in appearance or efficacy. Would anyone be surprised to see him coach until he’s 100 and win 20 more titles? With all due respect to his occasional tormentor Urban Meyer, Saban and Alabama are essentially synonymous with college football at this point.

MVP: Nick Saban 

Runner Up: Um, Saban? 

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