Death, Deflategate, and a Cubs World Series: 2016 in Sports

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Men's Journal 2016 Sports World MVP: Theo Epstein 
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Men's Journal 2016 Sports World MVP: Theo Epstein 

As many worthy candidates as there were this past year, there was only one team that overcame a 100-year curse, featuring a goat, a Bartman, and Merkle's Boner. Theo Epstein, General Manager of the Chicago Cubs, is the man most responsible for that landmark achievement. As he had previously done with the similarly star-crossed Boston Red Sox, Epstein approached the task of making the Cubs great again with guile and guts. He built a championship roster with a combination of in-house talent, high-priced free agency, and trading-deadline aggressiveness. Somehow in the process, he managed not to mortgage the future of the franchise, even though anyone involved would have gladly endured another 100 years of losing for a single bite at the Fall Classic apple. He is a savant, he is a maverick, he's a man who devours curses for breakfast and comes back for more at brunch. He is your 2016 Sports World MVP.

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