Every Super Bowl Ever, Ranked From Worst to Best

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36. Super Bowl XIX, 1985: San Francisco 38  Miami 16
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36. Super Bowl XIX, 1985: San Francisco 38 Miami 16

Seemingly a dream match up between Joe Montana's elegantly devastating 15-1 49ers and Dan Marino's astoundingly prolific 14-2 Dolphins, the game turned quickly into a disappointing rout. Behind Montana's peerless play and coach Bill Walsh's masterful gameplan, the Niners scored three second quarter touchdowns and never looked back. Montana was incredible, throwing for three touchdowns and running for a fourth. The defensively challenged Dolphins had no answers.

Competitiveness: 4 out of 10. Miami took a 10-7 lead into the second quarter, before San Francisco opened the floodgates with three straight touchdown drives. It was never close after that.

Star Power: 8 out of 10. Great players littered the field including two of the ten best quarterbacks to ever play as well as Ronnie Lott, Dwight Stephenson, Roger Craig, Mark Clayton, and head coaches Don Shula and Bill Walsh. That's some football history.

Controversy/Intrigue: 1 out of 10. A controversial ruling turned an apparent fumble by 49ers' wideout Freddie Solomon into an incomplete pass. Dolphins weren't winning anyway.

Aftermath: 8 out of 10. Montana and Walsh would win two more titles together, making them the most successful Quarterback-Coach combination in history. Amazingly, neither Don Shula nor Dan Marino would ever appear in a Super Bowl again.

Aggregate Score: 21 out of 40.

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