The 8 Best Final Four Teams Ever

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1981 Indiana Hoosiers

For those of us who are old enough to remember Bobby Knight in all of his chair-throwing, red-faced, profanity-spewing glory, it all seems so weird. Why did people put up with this jackass for so long? Because he won basketball games? Lute Olsen won basketball games, Denny Crum won basketball games, god knows John Wooden won basketball games. All of them without behaving fully 85% of the time like a snarling, trucker-speed-addled psychopath. But anyway - this was Knight's greatest team, and the last to win a championship and go undefeated in the process. They had other good players like Ray Tolbert and Randy Wittman, but this was essentially the story of Knight and star point guard Isaiah Thomas, who seemed to have picked up not only Knight's flare for winning but also his borderline personality disorder. Knight may be out of coaching and blackballed from Bloomington for being a little too chokey, but he'll always have 1981 and the knowledge that he campaigned for and helped carry Indiana for our current similarly mouth-foaming, insult-prone president. The video above actually happened in 1985, but whatever.

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