The 8 Best Final Four Teams Ever

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1982 North Carolina Tar Heels

For those of you noting that most of these teams played a long time ago, allow me to explain: college basketball used to be so much cooler. Whatever the relative merits and demerits of the one-and-done system, the net effect is that top players remain in college a fraction of the time, leaving very little room for individual rivalries to develop and story lines to marinate. Here's a story line: Michael Jordan was arguably the third most important player on Dean Smith's first national champion, behind James Worthy and Sam Perkins. A sort of anti-matter Bobby Knight, Smith was an extraordinary role model for his community, a champion for civil rights and an all time great coach. It took this awesome welter of talent and ultimately a game-winning jumper from Jordan to provide Smith his first title, and also foreshadow the next fifteen years of MJ's dominance in the NBA:

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