The 8 Best Final Four Teams Ever

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1989 Duke Blue Devils

Lemme tell you a few things about me. I live in Durham. I once sat next to Mike Krzyzewski at a banquet and at no point did he betray what must have been an alarmed skepticism over why his dinner mate appeared to be plausibly homeless. Last week I interviewed Grant Hill for this very publication. My best friend Owen is a rabid Duke supporter — calls himself a "Dukey," even. That is why I feel I am both balanced and fair when I declare that Duke destroys everything beautiful. I won't endeavor to list the voluminous rogue's gallery of aggravating heels who have emerged from the program for the past bazillion years, but I know when the two very most unctuous were teammates and made the Final Four. 1989. Danny Ferry and Christian Laettner. Ferry was the star and Laettner didn't play much, but god, who cares. Who was the last equivalently loathsome pairing? Rumsfeld and Cheney?

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