Will Anyone on the Orlando Magic Actually Score Points? And 12 Other Questions About the NBA Season

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Is this the Clippers' last stand?
Ezra Shaw / Getty Images13/13

Is this the Clippers' last stand?

Blake Griffin is a free agent at the end of the year. So is Chris Paul. So is JJ Redick. That means that three of the Clippers' starting five could be out the door at the end of this season. Whether they will be, of course, depends on how this season plays out. The line between success and failure in the NBA is, of course, notoriously thin, and Doc Rivers may have been wise in standing pat with his Lob City line-up, hoping that this year, everything will align for the Clippers. Then again, perhaps not — there's certainly a sense that this roster has gone as far as it can, and without making some sort of changes, the Griffin/Paul/DeAndre Jordan axis just isn't quite enough to win a title. Either way, this is a big, big season for the Clippers, a historically disastrous franchise who are finally enjoying a period of success.

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