Will Anyone on the Orlando Magic Actually Score Points? And 12 Other Questions About the NBA Season

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Will San Antonio actually struggle for once?
Ronald Cortes / Getty Images12/13

Will San Antonio actually struggle for once?

We're so used to San Antonio just quietly racking up 60 wins that we've largely ignored the fact that this has been an uncharacteristically turbulent offseason for them. Tim Duncan has retired; there are rumors that LaMarcus Aldridge might be heading for the door; and, most importantly, the team's big-man rotation has been entirely overhauled. With Duncan, Boris Diaw, David West, and Boban Marjanovic all departing, Aldridge is the only one of last year's frontcourt to remain in San Antonio. That's a lot of new faces that need bedding into San Antonio's system. The Western Conference is as competitive as ever, which means that this year, the Spurs might relinquish their customary first or second seed.

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