6 Luxury Watches That Stand Out in a Crowd

You no longer need a watch to tell time. Your smartphone probably does that job better than anything made in Switzerland. But there is something magical about the mechanical precision displayed in a fine wristwatch. It’s an elegant reminder that time keeps moving even when you’re not. 

We caught up with Hamilton Powell, CEO of Crown & Caliber, a marketplace for pre-owned, high-end watches, to chat about lesser-known makers you should consider when investing in a timepiece you may one day want to hand down. “Everybody knows Rolex, they’ve got a great brand, don’t get me wrong, and it’s an incredibly good watch and it’s an incredible piece,” he says. “But you know, sometimes it’s fun to be that guy who walks into a room and there’s one out of a thousand people who know that watch that’s on your wrist.” Here are Powell’s six Rolex alternatives.