8 Stylish Denim Jackets Made Right Here in America

The denim jacket is an American classic, and its effortless versatility makes it an obvious essential; an anchor piece that's key to building the complete men's wardrobe. Initially created in the late 1800s California as workers’ wear, the jean jacket rose as an icon of cowboy culture in the American West, then showed up in the 20th century on the backs of Beat poets, rebel rockers and movie stars. In 1967, Levis launched its iconic trucker jacket, and over the last 50 years it has become an paradigm of American style.

Like its brother the blue jean, the denim jacket has traveled the style world, from runway shows in Paris to independent boutiques in Tokyo and back to the sales tables at your local Costco. They can be found almost everywhere, but because their heritage is uniquely American, you should consider a version made right here in the USA. A few of our favorites below.