Burton's NASA-Inspired Olympic Snowboarding Uniforms Are Just Plain Awesome
All Images Courtesy of Burton

On Wednesday night, when he was introducing the world (and a few reporters) to the uniforms he'd designed for the US Olympic snowboarding team, Burton Snowboards founder Jake Burton Carpenter acknowledged that he went about the design in a pretty specific way.

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"When we decided to make a uniform," Carpenter said, standing in the middle of his brand's New York store, "we tested it and wanted to make a product that would, obviously, first and foremost perform like no other snowboarding garment has ever performed before." 

And then he added, "But beyond that, you wanna look good."

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Mission accomplished. Whoever makes the 2018 Olympic team will compete in Pyeongchang wearing a uniform inspired by the history of the American space program—and by the sheer badassness of the '60s astronauts walking up to an aircraft bound for the final frontier. Like those storied flight suits, the exteriors of the uniforms are primarily white, with navy blue and bright orange accents designed to be worn underneath off-white outerwear. Bright red letters, designed to look like NASA's iconic logo, spell USA and BURTON on each of the garments.

While only real Olympians will get to wear these clothes, Burton plans to offer a selection of outerwear, hoodies, t-shirts, sweatpants, and other accessories that non-Shaun White types can buy. A few of our favorite pieces below.