The Unexpected Source of Some of Fall's Coolest Menswear

Love it or hate it, H&M has had a massive impact on the way we talk about clothes. That’s in large part because every year since 2004, the Swedish behemoth has released an exclusive collection with a high-brow fashion designer. This year, that collection boasts around 30 pieces for men, all created by award-winning designer Erdem Moraglioglu of the namesake brand Erdem. The collaboration marks the first time he’s ever designed menswear.

Moralioglu’s mother is English and his business is based in London, so it’s little surprise that he turned out a terrifically British collection for this partnership.  It includes a focus on sharp tailoring and cozy knit sweaters, but there’s also an element of English eccentricity: there are a lot of florals in the collection, as well as liberal use of the windowpane check, which appears on a standout, full-length coat that’s going for $299, the highest price point for this line. The offering rounds out with lace up shoes, floral printed slip ons, socks, and more excellent outerwear.

Instead of fast fashion and disposable pieces, Moralioglu wanted to create staples, like the perfect gray tweed suit. (The collection also includes a spot-on green parka and one of the coolest fleeces we’ve seen in a long time.) But what else would you expect from a guy whose racked up no fewer than eight major awards over 12 years in business?

Take a look at some of our favorite pieces from the collaboration below. You can snag yours when it appears in stores on November 2.