How to Look Awake When You're Anything But

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Shortcut Your Hairstyling

Shortcut Your Hairstyling

So you were out all night and your hair’s a greasy mess, but you’re too tired for a proper morning shower before dashing to the office. Not a problem. Alder New York’s Texture Powder was built for crises like yours. “It really is that perfect hit-the-snooze-button-a-bit-too-hard product,” says David Krause, co-founder and Creative Director of Alder New York. Made primarily from natural ingredients such as kaolin clay and rice powder, this product requires about 30 seconds to use, and let’s you fake a hairstyle all day long. “All you do is sprinkle a bit into roots of hair, and rub your hands through, and it absorbs excess oil and instantly provides body and a bit of texture for the ideal next-day hair,” says Krause. (Buy it here:, $27)

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