This Affordable New Grooming Brand Wants to Help You Combat Hair Loss
All Images Courtesy of hims

When you think of losing your hair, you may think of those commercials led by a guy who's not only the president of the club, but also a client. Then there's those over-the-top contraptions that cost more than a mortgage payment and sit atop your head “for only three minutes a day” (for the rest of your life). If those don't come to mind, there's a battery of drugstore treatments that are proven to work, but leave your hair feeling greasy and flat—the opposite of that you want when managing thinning hair.

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Serial entrepreneur Andrew Dudum (co-founder of the startup studio Atomic,, and both investor and advisor to over two dozen startups) saw his friends beginning to face the dilemma of hair loss in their early 20's (way earlier than the mid-30's to 40's guys in hair loss adds suggest) and decided it was time to help younger men get a head-start on dealing with balding. This week he launched hims—lower case h, please—which he hopes will become the new direct-to-men brand to solve those often Googled, rarely talked-about problems men face with hair loss.

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So, what is hims? It's a group of minimally packaged products designed to be used either as a group or purchased individually, to attack hair loss at an affordable price. Customers can buy these products once to test them out, then subscribe to a monthly package to make sure they always have the supplies they need to combat hair loss. (Other products, for skincare and sexual wellness, will be added to the lineup in the near future.)

 Below is a list of the four introductory products, and what they do: