Kelly Slater's Clothing Line Now Offers Wardrobe Staples For Under $100
All Images Courtesy of Outerknown

Sustainable, cruelty-free, fair-trade goods have never been cheap — and that’s largely because making things in a way that’s positive for everyone involved can get pretty expensive. Award-winning surfer Kelly Slater tried to change all that two years ago when introduced his brand Outerknown.

And while its prices have always been fair, this month he made them even fairer with the launch of Project Nomadic, a line of essentials all priced at under $100. Its organic cotton t-shirts start at just $32 (and come screen-printed with photographs of factory workers throwing up the peace sign and the shaka), oxford shirts and trousers go for $78, and a cotton-poly blend water resistant coach’s jacket asks just $88. Slater’s favorite piece, naturally, is the $68 hoodie.

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“To me this is just an essential travel piece,” he said in an email. “With the hoodie, I can keep warm and tune the rest of the world out.”

So how does the line manage to price things so fairly? A (largely) direct-to-consumer selling strategy and a supply chain that sources clean raw materials and laborers who work in fair conditions.

“My goal with Outerknown has always been to make sustainable clothing available to everyone,” he said. “Nomadic is the first step toward that goal, and we are just getting started.”

A look at some of the line’s coolest pieces, below.