How to Dress Like a Super Spy From This Season's Most Stylish Movie

The only thing more on target than the aim in Kingsman: The Golden Circle is the style. The spy franchise’s connection to fashion started with the first film, when director Matthew Vaughn decided to set The Kingsman’s secret headquarters inside a Saville Row tailor shop, inspired by childhood visits to the iconic H. Huntsman & Sons located there.

Costume designer Arianne Phillips, who worked with Tom Ford on A Single Man and Nocturnal Animals, was enlisted early in the process to create suits that fit that narrative. “Matthew told me from the beginning that the costumes were going to be a huge part of the storytelling,” Phillips says. “It was clear that to get the looks we wanted we were going to have to work with great English designers and even create our own pieces.”

For Phillips, the project offered a chance to dive into English tailoring in a way she never had before, with some of the best looking actors in the game, like Taron Egerton, Mark Strong, and Colin Firth—who all portrayed Kingsman. And with the film's addition of the Statesmen (played by clotheshorses Channing Tatum and Pedro Pascal), she was able to incorporate classic American silhouettes into the setting.

"I've never had a character so delivered to me via the look and the costumes, and I haven't had the types of conversations that she let me have with her as a designer," Pascal says. "I'm not a cowboy. I wouldn't know where the fuck to begin as far as being a southern gentleman. And so I was relieved to have that path laid out for me through the costumes.”

Phillips, with the help of Mr. Porter, is now bringing these looks to the masses so that every man can dress like a well-tailored super spy. Here's how.