8 Stylish (and Incredibly Warm) Fleece Jackets to Wear This Season

Favoring function over form, dads everywhere have long relied on shapeless fleece jackets to keep them warm as fall and winter roll in. But we've seen trendier takes on the suburban staple work their way into fashion over the last few years, as designers have made the fabric less Fozzy Bear and more streetwear. 

So how does one wear fleece without looking like a personified Nature Valley granola bar? The key, as with everything in menswear, is the fit. Avoid going too boxy or baggy and get a version that hits right at your waist. A good fleece should fit you the same way a good leather jacket does: not quite like a second skin, but close enough that it actually moves when you do. That way, it can do double duty, adding texture to a great off-duty outfit or as a layering piece (they're great underneath a topcoat or a denim jacket) to keep you warm on frigid days. Below, a few of our favorites.