The Highest Quality American Jeans Money Can Buy
Courtesy Imogene + Willie

Since Levi Strauss started selling denim in 1873, jeans have come to symbolize more than just an article of clothing. They’re a reliable sidekick — a piece you can depend on to get you through any situation, from a hard day’s work outdoors to casual Friday at the office.

Today, marked by a clean red line that runs up the inside of the outseam and a premium price, selvage denim has become the choice of a new generation of jeans wearers who want an upscale tribute to the originator. While the Japanese have put their own twist on the staple item, jeans remain the most American piece of clothing you can buy, so it’s only right that your next pair should be from a company that’s dedicated to making them right here in the good ol’ U.S. of A.

Here are a few of our favorite denim brands keeping the legacy of Levi’s alive and kicking.