Outlier's Ultralight Sport Coat

Credit: Courtesy Outlier

Dress clothes and performance wear are rarely found in the same sentence let alone garment. But Outlier, as its name suggests, is always happy to buck a trend. The brand offers suits made of highly technical fabrics that appear tailored and normal on the outside but offer a level of flexibility and durability uncommon in more formal clothes. The Ultralight Blazer is a handsome coat that greets the elements with a bit of formality.

While most sport coats are a bit lighter than suit jackets, the Outlier version is more like featherweight. The jacket's feeling of weightlessness comes from the nylon, micro-nylon, and Elastane mix. The micro-nylon weave on the inner part of the jacket is a soft, looser weave while the outer nylon is thicker and more tightly woven for durability and water resistance. This is then coated with Schoeller dryskin, which is a "self-cleaning" NanoSphere treatment to repel both water and almost anything that stains. 

And it looks good, too. The shoulders flex for an easy fit that lends itself to a certain type of nonchalance. Two buttons pull the jacket together and a notched collar lapel sharply trims the neck. The nylon also has a sheen to it, only accentuated when stretched, that is deepened by a subtle charcoal blackness. That, coupled with the fact that your jacket won't get stained if someone spills wine on it at a Christmas Party, makes it a no-brainer for the holiday season. [$550; outlier.cc]