7 Best Places to Travel in February

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Go wolf-watching in Yellowstone National Park
Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images7/7

Go wolf-watching in Yellowstone National Park

February hardly seems like a great time to visit Yellowstone National Park, but if your objective is to view the park’s resident wolf packs, your best chance for optimum viewing is the dead of winter. Not only are the black and gray wolves more visible on snow, but they follow elk, moose, bighorn sheep, and mule deer to the northern range of the Yellowstone Ecosystem, where they congregate each winter in high concentrations at lower elevations. Head to the Lamar Valley (often called “the Little Serengeti of the Americas”) for your best chance to view the wolf packs who frequent this expansive river valley to hunt. With just about 100 wolves spread across 10 packs, viewing these apex predators is still a rare treat.

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