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Denmark's Democratic Fine Dining
Per-Anders Jorgensen7/8

Denmark's Democratic Fine Dining

Denmark is routinely rated atop the world's democracies when it comes to transparency, fairness, and freedom. That egalitarianism extends to its inventive culinary scene, where its high-end restaurants spawned a legion of low-cost alternatives. The legendary Noma fathered 108, where lunch runs under $30. The people behind Michelin-starred Kadeau offer more approachable menus at Pony and Nabo. Even the national dish, smørrebrød, epitomizes the Danes' love of economical quality, turning bread and leftovers into little open-faced works of sandwich art. "If you cut away the unnecessary," says Christian F. Puglisi, who is behind the affordable joints Manfreds, Bæst, and the new Rudo, "a great meal can be experienced in any setting."

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