A Scandinavian Summer: The All Day, All Night Adventure Land

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Road Trip the Faroe islands
Karine Aigner / Getty Images6/8

Road Trip the Faroe islands

The Faroe Islands, made up of 18 volcanic massifs in the North Atlantic, is like a cross between Hawaii and the Scottish moors. You should come for the weirdness alone. The island's hottest restaurant, Ræst, specializes in fermented foods (cod, lamb intestines, pilot whale), and its biggest party of the year is a three-day concert, called G! Festival, that's something akin to a mountain-backed beach club with hot tubs. Because the islands are connected via a series of bridges and tunnels — with blacktop that winds through impossibly green valleys — the best way to see them is by cruising on a motorcycle, available for rent in Tórshavn, the capital.

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