A Scandinavian Summer: The All Day, All Night Adventure Land

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Salmon Fishing in Iceland
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Salmon Fishing in Iceland

Alaska, Russia, Patagonia — there are plenty of places to catch wild salmon in epic settings. But few compare to Iceland. And there's no place on Earth like the country's Breiddalsa River, on its eastern flank, where, on a six-day guided trip, you can find yourself at a remote cabin above a pristine river, with some 500 thrashing, spawning salmonids in the water below you (between July and October). In the morning, you and your guide might cast a single-handed rod at the base of a waterfall. In the afternoon, you might whipsaw a doublehander from a loamy cutbank. This is to say: Each of the 57 fishing spots with unpronounceable names is wildly different. And with just eight rods allowed, you rarely see another fisherman — and when you do, it's a welcome surprise.

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