Go Big: 43 Adventures to Make This Your Best Summer Ever

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Go completely off the map in Greenland.
Katja Kircher / Getty Images21/31

Go completely off the map in Greenland.

It's never been easier for Americans on the East Coast to visit Greenland thanks to the influx of cheap flights to nearby Iceland (transfer in Reykjavik to connect to the Greenlandic capital of Nuuk). Of course, the logistics of traveling though this remote and largely road-less landmass remain challenging — but that's the price you pay for a journey to one of the world's last truly wild frontiers. Whale watching, Arctic char fishing, and kayaking through fjords are a few of the myriad adventures that await you in the brief summer season. You can also dive into the Inuit and Norse cultures, relax in remote hot springs or take a climate change tour to witness, first-hand, the effects of our warming planet.

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