Go Big: 43 Adventures to Make This Your Best Summer Ever

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Steal His Summer: Rande Gerber, Co-Founder of Casamigos
Courtesy Rande Gerber3/31

Steal His Summer: Rande Gerber, Co-Founder of Casamigos

Take an Annual Road Trip

“It all started 15 years ago, when George [Clooney] and I decided to go on a little motorcycle trip. We had a couple of Harleys shipped to Italy, flew over, and jumped on the bikes with no planning whatsoever. George grabbed a fold-up map and pointed at a road: ‘This looks like a good one.’ That first summer, we ended up going for two weeks from Lake Como to St. Moritz, riding through the Swiss, Italian, and French Alps down to St. Tropez. Since then, George and I have not missed a ride. It is just so peaceful. You aren’t on your phone. We don’t use a nav system. We always bring a few bottles of my tequila, Casamigos. Sometimes we ride eight hours a day, sometimes 18. It is all about taking the road less traveled — and sometimes that’s a funny road.

One August, we’re in the Swiss Alps, and it’s freezing rain. We see this hotel in the distance, and we’re so grateful. We both walk in, dripping wet, and the place is huge and beautiful, but completely empty. I go up to the front desk and ask if we can stay, and the guy says the hotel is closed. Then suddenly he recognizes George. He says, ‘I have good news and bad news. The good news is you can stay. The bad news is the owner’s son is doing a party tonight — and it’s an S&M party.’ We looked back at him and say, ‘What’s the bad news?’ We go clean up, come back downstairs, and next thing we know, the entire party is in the bar with us and it’s full-on chaos. They couldn’t believe that we were there, and on a motorcycle trip.”

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