Go Big: 43 Adventures to Make This Your Best Summer Ever

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Summit the highest mountain in the Middle East.
Stephen Alvarez / Getty Images24/31

Summit the highest mountain in the Middle East.

Fans of far-flung locales and brag-worthy superlatives take note: Mount Damavand in northern Iran is not only the highest peak in the Middle East at 18,410 feet, it is also the tallest volcano in Asia and a relatively straightforward climb with no prior mountaineering experience required. Mid-June to mid-September is peak climbing season with milder weather and footpaths largely free of snow. While experienced climbers can do the trip on their own, it's recommended to visit with a tour operator like KE Adventure Travel who has experience in the region and can not only help get you up the mountain, but also navigate the cultural intricacies of travel in Iran.

What's new: Iran recently opened its doors to tourism and Mount Damavand, just northeast of Tehran, is welcoming more foreign climbers than ever before.

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