How to Surf Your Nearest Wave Pool

NLand Surf Park, Texas

NLand Surf Park, Texas

Location: 10 minutes from Austin International airport; 20 minutes from downtown Austin

The Setup: The creation of engineer, surfer, and beer scion Doug Coors, NLand is a “wave lagoon,” the size of nine football fields, making it the largest in the world. It is also currently the only modern technical artificial wave fully open to the public here in the United States.

The Technology: NLand is a rainwater-fed self-sustaining lagoon that uses the Spain-based Wave Garden mechanics to create its swell. As with the other Wave Garden park in Snowdonia, Wales, a “wave foil” — essentially a snowplow on a fast-moving and powerful chairlift cable — runs down the center of the entire lagoon, creating a right and left on either side.

The Wave: NLand boasts three different styles of wave: a steeper and more technical “reef” break, with a ride that lasts up to 35 seconds, end-to-end; a mellower “inside” break that can be ridden by a few people at a time; and a “bay” whitewater roller for learning.

Surf It: NLand charges between $60 and $90 for an hour in the lagoon, and lessons and coaching are also available.