Pack Light! Travel Gear That Folds Up Small and Snaps Right Back

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Ably Apparel Jamison V-Neck

Ably Apparel Jamison V-Neck

This V-neck T-shirt ($48 at Amazon) is 100 percent cotton, but thanks to its eco-friendly Filium treatment it repels liquids — even sweat. (Check out this YouTube video of spilled ketchup rinsing right off.) Unlike other anti-moisture materials, it doesn’t wick the wet away from your skin; rather, it prevents it from absorbing into the fabric at all, so it can evaporate away. Despite all these tech wonders, Ably doesn’t use nanoparticles that can damage you or the environment, and their clothes are soft and breathable like regular cotton. Ably makes polos, hoodies, and sweat pants, too. 

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