The 19 Best Places to Catch the Great American Solar Eclipse

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Alliance, Nebraska
Nebraska Tourism18/19

Alliance, Nebraska

This town in the Sandhills of western Nebraska is mere miles from the bullseye of the path of totality and offers historically favorable weather conditions for viewing, with just a 10 percent chance of the eclipse being obscured by a rainy day. Count on the tiny town to get packed with folks flocking here from all over the Midwest and from Denver, just four hours south. Totality sets in for two minutes and 30 seconds around 11:49 a.m.

Watch: Take the back roads into farmlands south of town to escape the in-town crowds and watch those wide-open skies.

Stay: Camp at Toadstock or bring your tent or camper to Wells Ranch, eight miles south of town on CR 59, to claim a primitive camping spot for the event. 

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