The 19 Best Places to Catch the Great American Solar Eclipse

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Carbondale, Illinois
Carbondale Tourism7/19

Carbondale, Illinois

One of the spots where NASA has opted to stream live during the eclipse, Carbondale in southern Illinois is just a few miles north of the path of totality's center line and will also be in the pathway of the next total eclipse over North America in 2024. The town will be plunged into total darkness at 1:20 p.m. this August and experience two minutes and 38 seconds of totality.

Watch: Bring a blanket and snag a spot under the wide open skies on the sandy beach at Cedar Lake, a large reservoir southwest of town that the center line passes through.

Stay: You can bid in an online auction for a shot at landing one of these cool Southern Illinois cabins. Or, if you’re desperate, booking last-minute, or on a student budget, reserve floor space for indoor camping (byo tent) at the Student Recreation Center at the Southern Illinois University.

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