The 19 Best Places to Catch the Great American Solar Eclipse

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Stanley, Idaho
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Stanley, Idaho

Much of Idaho falls within the eclipse's path of totality, which passes north of Boise. And Idaho Falls is the biggest town that falls within the zone. But camping near Stanley in central Idaho puts you much closer to the center line, which runs just south of here between Idaho 75 and the long-since sold out Redfish Lake Lodge. Since August is also the driest month of the year in Stanley, there's little chance of getting rained out here. Totality starts at 11:28 a.m. and lasts two minutes and 13 seconds.

Watch: Any place around Stanley will be good for viewing, but heading just south of town toward Obsidian or Grandjean gets you closest to the center line.

Stay: Primitive camping is available on a first come first served basis in the Stovepipe Springs area of the Sawtooth National Recreation Area, just off Idaho 75 and just east of Stanley.

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