The 22 Places to Go in 2017

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Lombok, Indonesia
Abdul Azis / Getty Images21/22

Lombok, Indonesia

Why now: There's just a small stretch of turquoise sea separating Lombok from its superstar Indonesian neighbor of Bali, but the difference between the two islands could not be more dramatic. Long a well-kept secret, word is finally out that there are quieter beaches on the far side of the Lombok Strait, and it's never been easier to catch a direct flight here from regional hubs.

What to see: The coral-fringed Gili Islands just offshore are, without a doubt, Lombok's most popular attraction and a vital cog in the Southeast Asia backpacker circuit. Set foot on the mainland, however, and you'll enter a different Indonesia, where rural villages cower in the shadow of the 12,224-foot Mount Rinjani volcano.

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