The 7 Best Places to Travel to This November

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Search for Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba
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Search for Polar Bears in Churchill, Manitoba

The small village of Churchill in far north Manitoba is one of the few human settlements on earth where you can regularly spot the world's largest land-roving carnivores. Known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World, thousands of tourists flock here each November as the bears move from their summer habitat on the tundra back to seal-hunting territory on the pack ice over Hudson Bay. Opportunities to see the bears run the gamut from a trip out of town in one of the region’s unique tundra vehicles to a journey down Seal River by canoe. You can also take a guided walk into bear territory or hunker down in a wilderness lodge along the bears’ migration route. Make sure to plan ahead as fall is busy season in this remote northern outpost and there are a limited number of accommodations. 

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