The No Go List: 18 Destinations to Avoid This Year

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Cayman Turtle Farm
Left -Stephen Frink / Getty Images - Peter Chadwick / Getty Images10/18

Cayman Turtle Farm

Why it's controversial: Animal rights group World Animal Protection calls the world's last turtle farm, located in the Cayman Islands, one of the cruelest attractions on earth. "Crushed together in filthy tanks, the naturally solitary sea turtles are so stressed they can turn on each other, biting and maiming," it says. "In-breeding at the farm is also a problem," and some sea turtles suffer genetic defects while others are born without eyes.

Instead go to: The Kélonia Observatory for Marine Turtles on the island of Réunion is truly dedicated to sea turtle conservation with a world-renown education facility that mirrors the conditions of a turtle's natural habitat.

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